Fiction Friday: An Introduction

E3461C59-4C57-4BF0-9712-F691F00BB3AE_zpsct1etngw I have been thinking hard about what I want Fiction Friday posts to be. The more I think about it, I want to leave it open for many forms. The most common will be flash fiction.

What is flash fiction? Flash fiction is characterized as short stories with less than 1,000 words.  Some flash fiction can be as short as 100 words or even less!  So, fiction you can read in a flash. That will be the basic archetype I will be using. Other than the length there aren't any hard and fast rules.  Which leaves lots of room for creativity!

I’ll try and keep most posts in the sci-fi or fantasy based genres. As time goes on I will even be asking for writing prompts you might like to give. On the whole I’m hoping it will be a fun segment we can all enjoy.

It’s also the part of my Blog that I find the most intimidating. How to write a fast, short and satisfying story once a week? What was I thinking? My personal feelings aside there will be no backing down. This is happening, good or bad!