My Thoughts of The Circle

       It feels incredibly ironic to be posting that I just finished reading the circle and if you've read it you'll understand why. Mild spoilers ahead. The circle by Dave Eggers has what you might call the jaws affect but instead of not wanting to go into the water afterwords it's social media. 
This book is heavily carried by its theme not so much by plot. I would mostly describe this book as chilling. Published in 2013, it describes the future that in my opinion is only now about two years away. A future where were are all tracked, all watched, all the time. But to me that wasn't the scariest part the two scariest parts are the mentality everyone had, the mentality that we have a right to know where everyone's at what everyone's doing. They use that phrase a lot in the book, "We have a right to know." No we don't! The other scary part was how so many people thought it was a good thing.

Like lambs led to slaughter, no worse like if lambs drove themselves in a big truck to the slaughterhouse. Not to mention the increasing feeling in the Society presented that if people don't get likes and smiles and attention from their online following they feel, worthless. It's a very real future that is completely terrifying. That people would feel this way.

I'm interested to see the movie, to see what parts they changed and what parts they kept. If nothing else this was a very thought-provoking book which I'm sure was what the author was trying to achieve.

Technical Difficulties

Who doesn't love getting up in the morning and having an epic battle with their website? Oh everyone that's right. 

At the moment I am currently unable to copy/paste anything in to my blog. Ipso facto I won't have a post today. Not that anyone was really expecting it. (uncomfortable laugh). 

Hopefully tech support getting back to me quickly and then I'll be back to not having an excuse for why I haven't been posting. 

Have a good weekend every one!

Update April 2017

    Man you know that I have just been killing it at this year? Not hitting my goals on my blog! But the only thing I hate more than failing miserable at something is making a bunch of excuses why I failed. I failed move on, I know I have. 

    Let’s have a little Sci Fi Oh My writers update shall we? We shall! I have written all of one Fiction Friday that I haven’t yet posted. The continuation to Bad Choices. I’ll be posting that some time in the near future. Really I will. I also will be finishing up The Dark Dragon Series. Those are my plans for the next couple months in the way of Fiction Friday. Sorry to leave ya hanging. 

    Despite the dry spell on the blog I have been doing quite a bit of writing. All of it on my new project. That’s right my new project. Another one! Since last November when I finished my first, first draft I have been editing and revising that manuscript. BUT! While doing so I realized it’s not the story I want to launch my career off of. It being a one off romantic comedy with a healthy dose of killing it’s not how I want to come out of the gate. Though I do love the story. After all it’s not called Rom, Com, Triller Oh My. It’s SCI FI Oh My so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 

       So of course my new project is in my chosen field of Science Fiction and I am feeling quite at home. In fact I have never been more excited for a story to infold. I am focusing heavy amounts of my energy on that but will be doing my best to carve out blogging time. 

    Looking forward to picking up where we left off.

Life, it Changes.

    Most of us know if you’ve lived over a certain number of years, that life changes. And even though that probably sounds scary and awful to many of us, it’s often a good thing.  

    Small changes happen all the time, many of which we don’t notice or even consider life changes. For example, when I decided I was going to be a writer I changed my life. Deciding that’s what I was going to do changed me. But it didn’t register to me as a big life change. I didn’t have to move, or quit my job. Really, it only changed my state of mind.

    Now my husband's career choices are usually different. These almost always involve a BIG life change. This is where things get exciting.

    Let me give you a bit of backstory. In our awesome nine years of marriage there have been no less than six life changing career decisions. Each involving a moving to another state or sadly being apart for extended periods of time. It’s kept things interesting. Life’s an adventure and we are pretty good at it.

   When life changes come, I think it’s more than fair to say it’s a rollercoaster of emotion. In one day, you can go up and down, back and forth, between excitement and dread. Excitement for something new and dread for the loss of the familiar.

    If you haven’t caught on by now, we have had another life change, this one involving moving to another state. Surprise, Surprise. We will be moving from the home we have lived in for the last five years. The longest we have done life in one spot since we got married. I left the job I had been at for the last four and a half years. Zero complaints about that. Now I get to focus on my writing. (Thanks Babe!)  We are starting the next chapter in our adventure and I am a roller coaster of emotions. Mostly I just want to get this adventure started.

   Over the next four weeks I’ll be packing, organizing, making phone calls, striking deals and selling my soul. You see we have four weeks and we don’t exactly have a place to live yet. No worries. (kinda) Thank God for good friends.

    As fresh and exciting as it all is, it can also be terrifying. But the point is that life changes. How boring would it be if it never did? What kind of awesome lives would we be missing out on? If nine years ago I had said no to big, scary life changes, not married my husband and moved across the country, I would have missed out on so many amazing experiences. Most importantly, I would have missed out on him. So, big life changes be damned. If he came home today and told me we needed to move to the moon my response would be, “Do we know what the real estate market is like up there?” and I would pull out my laptop and start researching. Obviously, it’s a metaphor, because the idea of really being in space terrifies me. But I digress.

     All of this to say, I may or may not be posting consistently over the next four weeks. Also to convince myself that life changes are good. Adventure is out there!