Writer Intimidation!

Writer Intimidation So you just finished reading an amazing book! You never saw that crazy plot twist coming! And once the narrator weaves the intricate detail that now masterfully link the first chapter to the last your mind is blown! Left reeling at the amazing story to behold! If you're an aspiring write such as myself your next thought might be… “HOLY CRAP, I SUCK!”

That’s right I call it “Writer Intimidation” When the sheer genius of other writers causes you to crush your own self worth as a writer. Don’t get me wrong it’s not their fault. It’s just that as humans we can’t help but compare ourselves to others. Most of these writers have years of experience. I suppose it’s not really fair to compare myself to writers like C.S. Lewis, J.K Rowling, and Arthur C. Clarke. I just might be a bit hard on myself.

It’s easy to look at a great book and tell yourself you can’t write something like that. Don’t listen to that b**ch, yes you can! Yes I can! Will it be easy? Probably not. But that doesn't mean it’s impossible. We are all different and our stories are going to come out different. Thank God! But every amazing author was once just someone with an idea. I’m constantly needing to give my inner writer a pep talk. Things like. “It’s ok, you can do this.” , “It doesn't matter if it sucks right now just get the words out!”, ‘It’s only the first draft.”  And “Even if you’re the only one who ever loves your story you still have to write it.”

Reading makes us better writers, so I’m not going to stop reading just because I get intense “writer intimidation”. I’ll just have to push through the self doubt and learn from these great writers!  

It's Ok to go BIG!

  So since we hadn’t watched it in several years my husband and I decided to watch “The Pirates of the Caribbean” I think we can all agree those movies are an epic journey. While we were watching the third “At World’s End” I thought about my book and the feeling I wanted to evoke in people. My story is not a swashbuckling high seas adventure but the grandiose feeling it has is the same I hope to achieve. And I had a thought pop into my head, “It’s ok to go BIG.”

I’ve felt kinda like I have been tip toeing around my own story, worrying about if something is too outlandish or unbelievable. Yes, these things are important to think about but being too careful about them is slowing me down. It’s just a first draft, and how will I ever pull my readers into my world if I’m constantly worried about making them feel like they are still in the real one? (Screw the real world! That’s not why we read.)

I don’t want you in the real world (Gross!). I want you out here with me in the sticks of a new reality. I want you wishing my world was the real one. Not that lame reality where we all have to work for money then spend it on bills and food. (Where’s the fun in that?) Don’t put your story in a box. Don’t be timid about the world your characters live in. You’ve made it, so make it whatever you want. It’s only a first draft, you can always rein it in later. But just imagine the greatness we could be holding back.

Speaking of going big… I’m hitting some real milestones in my writing career. Just this past week I submitted my first piece for possible publication! (Exciting!)

And speaking of the real world, I was promptly rejected… I might print the letter out, frame it, put it on my wall. The first in what is bound to be a line of rejections. It comes with the territory and now that my first rejection is out of the way I can go back to writing. Don’t let a rejection scare you into a fear of writing. Let it fuel you into being a better writer. Writing more, writing often, and writing big grand stories that inspire!