Previously on Sci Fi Oh My...

We have a lot to catch up on so let’s not mess around. It’s July. What!? We are over halfway through 2017. I’ve had a crazy amount of change this year, but my goals have remained the same. Become a published Author! So let’s recap!

Previously on Sci Fi Oh My...

Last December I finished my first ever completed draft of a novel. A contemporary story that I like to call a Serial Killer Comedy Romance. (Project B) I love the story and I’m on the second draft. But I set it aside, because I really wanted to focus on completing a manuscript that was in my favorite genre Sci Fi. Obviously. I wanted a story that really highlighted how and what I want to write. Something that will hopefully set the tone for my career.

I decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo. I started a completely new project April 1st by the end of April I had 30,093 words. May brought another 38,516 words to the page. And June was 26,072 more, bringing my story to a close. For a grand total of 94,681 words, and 1 finished Science Fiction manuscript. (Insert running man dance here. Yep that’s my victory dance of choice. Deal with it.)

I finished the first draft on June 23rd. On the 24th I heard about a little thing called Pitch Wars. Pitch Wars is this awesome writer's competition. It give aspiring unrepresented authors a chance to submit their manuscripts for the opportunity to work with mentors in the industry (mostly published authors). The mentors help to revise their mentees manuscripts in the hopes that they will then be able to snag a literary agent of their own. The submission window opens August 2nd and closes August 6th. If you’re interested in Pitch Wars you can check it out at Needless to say I wanted to participate. But surprise surprise! (She said sarcastically) I found that one month is not enough time to revise my first draft into something I'm willing to let anyone read. So, on a late July afternoon my 2017 Pitch Wars Participation dreams died a quite death. Oh, well I knew it was a long shot and it really helped me power through my first round of editing.

Now you’re up to date. I am busy working away inputting edits on my first draft of… let’s call it Project C. And by the end of July I want to be working on the second draft.

Next week I’ll be posting (*gulp* promises promises) things I liked and didn’t like about writing my first draft of Project C. Who doesn't love a good Pro/Con list, right!?!


Have you finished a first draft? If so tell me about your experience. I would love to hear about it. Enjoy the last week of July 2017!