My Thoughts of The Circle

       It feels incredibly ironic to be posting that I just finished reading the circle and if you've read it you'll understand why. Mild spoilers ahead. The circle by Dave Eggers has what you might call the jaws affect but instead of not wanting to go into the water afterwords it's social media. 
This book is heavily carried by its theme not so much by plot. I would mostly describe this book as chilling. Published in 2013, it describes the future that in my opinion is only now about two years away. A future where were are all tracked, all watched, all the time. But to me that wasn't the scariest part the two scariest parts are the mentality everyone had, the mentality that we have a right to know where everyone's at what everyone's doing. They use that phrase a lot in the book, "We have a right to know." No we don't! The other scary part was how so many people thought it was a good thing.

Like lambs led to slaughter, no worse like if lambs drove themselves in a big truck to the slaughterhouse. Not to mention the increasing feeling in the Society presented that if people don't get likes and smiles and attention from their online following they feel, worthless. It's a very real future that is completely terrifying. That people would feel this way.

I'm interested to see the movie, to see what parts they changed and what parts they kept. If nothing else this was a very thought-provoking book which I'm sure was what the author was trying to achieve.