Update April 2017

    Man you know that I have just been killing it at this year? Not hitting my goals on my blog! But the only thing I hate more than failing miserable at something is making a bunch of excuses why I failed. I failed move on, I know I have. 

    Let’s have a little Sci Fi Oh My writers update shall we? We shall! I have written all of one Fiction Friday that I haven’t yet posted. The continuation to Bad Choices. I’ll be posting that some time in the near future. Really I will. I also will be finishing up The Dark Dragon Series. Those are my plans for the next couple months in the way of Fiction Friday. Sorry to leave ya hanging. 

    Despite the dry spell on the blog I have been doing quite a bit of writing. All of it on my new project. That’s right my new project. Another one! Since last November when I finished my first, first draft I have been editing and revising that manuscript. BUT! While doing so I realized it’s not the story I want to launch my career off of. It being a one off romantic comedy with a healthy dose of killing it’s not how I want to come out of the gate. Though I do love the story. After all it’s not called Rom, Com, Triller Oh My. It’s SCI FI Oh My so you’ll understand where I’m coming from. 

       So of course my new project is in my chosen field of Science Fiction and I am feeling quite at home. In fact I have never been more excited for a story to infold. I am focusing heavy amounts of my energy on that but will be doing my best to carve out blogging time. 

    Looking forward to picking up where we left off.