Let's go on an Adventure.

Welcome all who seek amusement! Thanks for stopping by my blog “Sci Fi, Oh My”. My names Jamie, I’m 26 and only just now figuring out what I want to be when I grow up. Late to the party, I’d say so. Yep! In a day and age where it seems everyone and their grandmother has a Blog, I was conflicted about starting one of my own. Eventually coming to terms with the fact that as an aspiring writer it was a must. Time to start putting myself out there! (She said as she cringed). You might be asking yourself “Sci Fi, Oh My? Why?” Well I find all my favorite stories are either Science Fiction, Fantasy or they have an element of one of them. Nothing makes us feel like we have escaped the real world like the thought that anything is possible. With these genres anything really is possible.  A cowboy can have a spaceship, a vampire can love a slayer, an evil villain can split his soul to live forever, a closet can contain a whole world in which you are a king or queen, or our hero can simply regenerate so the stories never have to end. Fiction is nothing but possibilities. So is my blog. Plus coming up with a blog name is hard.  

Sci Fi, Oh My will be what can only be described as an epic odyssey. (Sure....) Of what it’s like to write your first manuscript. In my experience of course. They say misery loves company so I invite you to take this journey with me! We will kick off our weeks with a nice dose of what I have dubbed Manuscript Monday I’ll be giving updates on the progress of my novel, talking about the obstacles of writing a manuscript, the triumph of artistic breakthrough, and the many different types of headaches that writing invokes. What do you mean Manuscript Monday doesn't sound like the most fun you’ll have all week?

Well then I promise a bit of fun as well or at least an attempt at fun. Therefore I will present what we will call… Fiction Friday! Wherein I will attempt to take a short writing prompt and making it into an entertaining anecdote/short story/tale for all our amusement. (Don’t worry, I’m nervous too) Since I’m new to the game feel free to be gentle with me. I’m going to do my very best to get my posts up on the days specified. Between writing my manuscripts, working my 40 hour a week job and actually liking to spend time with my husband that should be real easy right?

As the mood strikes I might also be posting other times on other subjects that I find irresistible but I’ll try to keep any rants to a minimum and I will never have a spoiler without a warning first. I’m more than happy to be starting this new venture. Thank you to everyone for your support and if you know others that might find “Sci Fi Oh My” interesting feel free to pass my link along.  scifiohmy.com Thanks for your time and I’ll see you on monday.