Things I’m Doing When I Should be Writing!


Things I’m doing when I should be Writing!

  • Napping
  • Watching Battlestar Galactica
  • Reading books (Written by people much more talented than me.)
  • Pinning tattoos I’ll never get on Pinterest.
  • Pinning EVERYTHING on Pinterest.
  • Forcing my dog to cuddle me. (Love me!)
  • Fantasizing about my dream job.
  • Napping
  • Working over time at my real job. (Gross)
  • Staring at my computer screen blankly.
  • Looking up random greek mythology.
  • Daydreaming myself into adventures instead of my characters.
  • Wondering how my brain got so disorganized (Who's in charge here?!)
  • Napping  

                 So it looks like I need to try harder to schedule my writing time. I should also start going to bed sooner apparently. With my new work schedule it’s safe to say I have been a bit thrown off my writing game. Not to worry I’ll be making a comeback, just need to focus more. Sure, it’s easier said than done, but so are a lot of things I have done. Fiction Friday will be a day late. I know, Friday is right there in the title, sorry. Sometimes life is exhausting.

Imagination Monster


Imagination Monster

By Jamie Burns


He comes in the most innocuous of ways,

Before you know it your mind's wandered for days.


A passing reflection,

A stray idea,

A naughty thought that makes you red in the ears.


For some a moment is all that he takes,

Focused again now back on their days.

But others he finds the company quite grand,

Then you're strolling along now hand in hand.


He takes you down paths untraveled.

Adventure with characters,

Your minds unraveled.


Present no longer in the here and the now,

Instead your mind’s gone,

Off on the prowl.


A darkened forest,

The far reaches of space,

Depths of the ocean,

All time just to waste.


Hours might pass or days better still,

Before you show up,

Back in the real.


He drops you abruptly

I do have to say,

Back to monotony that fills your day.


But if you find you prefer

The adventure

The thrill

Just wait for tomorrow

He’ll come back he will.





May's Marvelous Manuscript Monday


May Progress Report


May is over in just a few days and my current word count is just south of 35,000 words! That means I am almost to my 40,000 word halfway point. When I say it that way I feel kinda like a badass. I’m also FINALLY done with my first person to third person point of view conversion which I should have finished doing around a month ago. So when I say it like that I feel, not so accomplished, but I’m not gonna let it get me down.

I’m also on track with my book reading goals. Man am I crushing it! So far 2016 might end up being my most gratifying year to date, when it comes to personal growth and accomplishment. We still have half the year to go but I’m confident it’s only going to get better. You might have noticed my good mood and that’s probably heavily influenced by the fact I don’t have to go back to my day job for another week. Yippy! The rest of my week will be filled with reading, writing, and the less enjoyable yard work. (It’ll be worth it, I repeat to myself over and over.)  I’m hoping to get another 5,000 words on my manuscript to get me to that 40,000 word halfway point. The only thing that keeps distracting me… my own ideas.

It’s hard to focus on just one story when your brain is constantly coming up with new ones. Other than my current manuscript, which will be the first in a three book series, I have three other unrelated story concept I am itching to put on paper. One post apocalyptic adventure of rescue, one science fiction and fantasy fusion tale and one romance turned grim murder mystery. If only I could write them as fast as I come up with them. My brain is starting to feel a little overheated just thinking about it all.

One goal at a time is what I’ll be sticking to. Finish my current work in progress by November 1st. If I can finish early then I can start working on another story. In fact maybe that will act as more motivation. Or maybe Bilbo said it best and I’ll end up feeling thin, stretched, like butter scraped over to much bread. We shall see, as it stands I’m feeling good about the coming June.


Also if you're interested in what I'm reading now or have been reading and how I feel about it, the best way to find out is to check out my Instagram account. @jamie_scifiohmy It's also a good place to see the most beautiful, sweetest, and smartest black lab that ever existed.  You've been warned.




Sorry there was no Fiction Friday this week. (Shame on me). But I have a great excuse! My husband and I spent this week on the Forest Moon of Endor.


If you’ve never been, I highly suggest going. It’s an amazing forest that has otherworldly vibrant colors and is one of the most beautiful places I have even been.


It’s the perfect spot of camping, hiking, and Ewok sighting. But the Ewoks must be in hibernation or something because we didn’t see any. :( 


We had an amazing time.We completed a 12 mile hike,


had a boss campsite,


roasted marshmallows, and all that other camping goodness. It was a great trip and was totally worth vacationing off planet! ;)

Book, Blog and Balance


The thing about books is whether you’re reading them or writing them, they suck you in. A good book will consume your world. Which is great, except for the fact that you probably have other stuff to do! My dedication to my book extends to my other new endeavors which include this blog and this crazy stack of books.  



That’s a lot to take on. I’ll admit, I didn’t write a single word on my book this weekend. I spent all my time getting this new beautiful site up and running. Totally worth it, I hope you agree!

Balancing my blog and my book will be just that, a balancing act. The nice part is right now they are both labors of love. I find both very enjoyable. I’m sure I won’t always feel that way. We always have time when ideas just aren't coming, or redirect links just aren’t working…(argh) Things like this happen. That’s part of the balance.

I sacrificed this weekend to the blog, but usually my weeknights are for blogging and my weekends are for the book. It’s been working pretty well, as long as I also make time for hanging out with my husband. We do super amazing things like watch Netflix, eat Chinese food, and play Frisbee with our dog. Please don’t be jealous of our extravagant life style.   

It can be difficult to do it all. When I start working on my book it sucks me in. Hours pass, things are forgotten, empires rise and fall, before I remember you have to eat for your brain to keep coming up with all those words. It’s happened! I’m at my desk and I say to myself ‘Why does this seem so difficult?’ Oh that’s right it’s 1:40 a.m. and all you ate today was an orange and a granola bar. I’m lucky I’m conscious, much less writing an intricate plot point. I get sucked in.

I spent easily 4-6 hours this weekend reading articles and watching YouTube videos just trying to find out how to redirect my old blog to the new one. AND IT STILL DIDN’T WORK! Thanks a lot internet. Oh, internet, the ultimate time sucker! What I’m getting at here is that I hope I bring you my best. “I try to be my best” (Any Whedonites?) I want to do my best in all areas of my life and I hope that comes through in my writing. I’m not saying every word will be great. In fact, I can guarantee it won't. But I’ll try to keep my balance and give us all a good story.