When Inspiration Hits


When Inspiration Hits! I had a stroke of inspiration this last week! Unfortunately (in a way) it was not about my current WIP (Work in Progress). It was a totally different story, that lay itself out before me and said. “Jamie, you better write me down now before I leave you.” So… I did.

I spent more than a few hours of my time plotting and outlining a totally new projects. Which in turn took more than a few hours, away from my current project. I even started writing a chapter of the new project, it ended up feeling like a forward. I’m not a big fan of forwards. So that fact brought me to my senses. Right out of the gate it didn’t have the flow I was looking for. I realized trying to figure out a whole new story style and flow was not what I needed right now.  Plus I was conflicted about taking any time out of my already full writing schedule for something new. I’m already bouncing back and forth between my manuscript and my blog. So the idea of starting another thing sounds like lunacy. I’m not sure how other people manage it.

But I’m happy I took the time to outline the new idea. I firmly believe that one should always write down a good idea the moment they have it. It’s an awful feeling, try to remember something later and only mildly grasping what it was, usually totally forgetting the part that made it great. Inspiration can hit anytime and we should take advantage of it. It helps me feel like it offsets the times I’m sitting in front of my computer drooling not knowing what to write next.

As far as a manuscript update I’m still on track. But the “inspiration” did slow me down. I’m at about 20,000 words, give or take a few hundred. Shooting for 25,000 words by the end of March, so 11 days. (Oh My)  We shall see about that.