Little Lucy


(Story prompt is Italicized) Little Lucy

Even as a young girl, my little sister had always seemed older and wiser, as if she had glimpsed the future and was going to keep it all to herself, she knew things you just wouldn’t expect a young girl to know, like… the contents of different museums throughout the world or the world's different regions for agricultural developments.

I would always have her help me with my history assignments despite the fact she was four years behind me in school. I would say I would help her with any other subjects if she needed it, but she never did. She always had a much better academic mind than I did. Is it odd to look up to your little sister? Even though Lucy was obviously far more talented, smart and charming than I was, she never made me feel that way. She still looked up to me like any other little sister looked up to her older sister. She would follow me around, ask if she could hang out with my friends and I. She would try and do everything I did. Usually she did it better than I did. I didn’t mind, Lucy was special and having a sister that was so amazing intrigued me.

When I was eighteen and in my last year of high school, Lucy was fourteen and just starting her high school years. It was less than a month into the school year before one of the teachers took a special interest in her. He talked to my parents about her amazing potential and soon after that my father and Lucy took an all-expenses paid trip to Washington D.C. so Lucy could do some specialized testing for “Gifted” children. When they returned Lucy told me all about how they wanted her to come stay in D.C. to attend an advanced school, but mom and dad didn’t want her to move across the country, at fourteen with little to no supervision. No matter how much the school promised they watched over their students.   Thankfully Lucy agreed. Although it was exciting, the thought of leaving Mom, Dad, me and Seattle in general was to intimidating for her at the time.

As an alternative they set up twice a week private lessons for her at the local university, where she studied things that no one ever really elaborated to me. All I know was that she seemed to enjoy them and as always she was exceeding expectations. By the end of the school year she was having four lessons a week. I was getting ready to graduate, and thanks to Lucy my GPA was just high enough that I was accepted to a few colleges, nothing in the Ivy League, It’s not like I let her do all my homework. Not that she wouldn’t if I had asked.

When mom, dad, and I sat down to look at my options the sad truth was that we couldn't afford any of the colleges, without me getting a scholarship or an outrageous student loan. Then Lucy’s fancy D.C. school stepped in.

They offered us a deal, they would pay for my education if... Lucy and I moved to D.C. for school. They would pay for me to go to a local college in the D.C area while Lucy attended their advanced school, solving the problem of sending Lucy by herself across the county and the problem of how I would get an education without crushing debt. All so they could have “The best and brightest!” at their school. My parents were elated by the offer even though the thought of sending both their daughters off to the nation's capital didn’t seem ideal. Lucy and I on the other hand were more skeptical. Why would this place be willing to shell out tens of thousands of dollars just so their potentially star pupil's older sister could get a degree? Was getting Lucy to their school that important?

The whole family took another trip to D.C. where we were shown around the beautiful college campus I could potentially attend, the advanced school for Lucy, the heavily secured apartment just a block away we would live in, and the national mall, where Lucy fell in love with the museums. If we started off skeptical that was quickly overshadowed by the fancy campuses and highly educational museums.  With the promise that mom and dad would fly out to see us as much as possible it was decided that in the fall Lucy and I would move to D.C. and start our higher education.  

I wish I knew at the time what I was leading my sweet baby sister into.