Book, Blog and Balance


The thing about books is whether you’re reading them or writing them, they suck you in. A good book will consume your world. Which is great, except for the fact that you probably have other stuff to do! My dedication to my book extends to my other new endeavors which include this blog and this crazy stack of books.  



That’s a lot to take on. I’ll admit, I didn’t write a single word on my book this weekend. I spent all my time getting this new beautiful site up and running. Totally worth it, I hope you agree!

Balancing my blog and my book will be just that, a balancing act. The nice part is right now they are both labors of love. I find both very enjoyable. I’m sure I won’t always feel that way. We always have time when ideas just aren't coming, or redirect links just aren’t working…(argh) Things like this happen. That’s part of the balance.

I sacrificed this weekend to the blog, but usually my weeknights are for blogging and my weekends are for the book. It’s been working pretty well, as long as I also make time for hanging out with my husband. We do super amazing things like watch Netflix, eat Chinese food, and play Frisbee with our dog. Please don’t be jealous of our extravagant life style.   

It can be difficult to do it all. When I start working on my book it sucks me in. Hours pass, things are forgotten, empires rise and fall, before I remember you have to eat for your brain to keep coming up with all those words. It’s happened! I’m at my desk and I say to myself ‘Why does this seem so difficult?’ Oh that’s right it’s 1:40 a.m. and all you ate today was an orange and a granola bar. I’m lucky I’m conscious, much less writing an intricate plot point. I get sucked in.

I spent easily 4-6 hours this weekend reading articles and watching YouTube videos just trying to find out how to redirect my old blog to the new one. AND IT STILL DIDN’T WORK! Thanks a lot internet. Oh, internet, the ultimate time sucker! What I’m getting at here is that I hope I bring you my best. “I try to be my best” (Any Whedonites?) I want to do my best in all areas of my life and I hope that comes through in my writing. I’m not saying every word will be great. In fact, I can guarantee it won't. But I’ll try to keep my balance and give us all a good story.