About Sci-Fi, Oh My!

Welcome all who seek amusement! Thanks for stopping by my blog “Sci Fi, Oh My”. Yes, in a day and age where it feels like everyone and their grandmother has a blog, I was conflicted about starting one of my own. Eventually coming to terms with the fact that as an aspiring writer it is a must. Time to start putting myself out there! (She said as she cringed).

So this is my side of the internet, Sci Fi Oh My! A blog about the journey of writing my first manuscripts and growing into a kick ass writer. While also providing entertaining, fun, fictional stories to readers so that we all might enjoy a much needed break from reality.   

 You might be asking yourself “Sci Fi, Oh My? Why?” Well I find all my favorite stories are either Science Fiction, Fantasy or they have an element of one of them. Nothing makes us feel like we have escaped the real world like the thought that anything is possible. With these genres anything really is possible.  A cowboy can have a spaceship, a vampire can love a slayer, an evil villain can split his soul so he can live forever, a closet can contain a whole world in which you are a king or queen, or our hero can simply regenerate into different bodies so the stories never have to end. Fiction is nothing but possibilities. So is my blog. Plus, coming up with a blog name is really hard.     


Hi! My name’s Jamie and I like to think of myself as an everyday superhero. Driving forklifts by day and writing stories by night. Yep you read that right. I drive a forklift for a living, try not to be jealous, it’s pretty glamorous. (Insert sarcastic eye roll here.) If you’re not a fan of sarcasm I might not be your kind of people. Did I also mention I’m an epicly awesome wife too? No, really it’s true. I checked with my husband. 

Recently, within the last year in fact, I realized what I want to be when I grow up. It’s never too late right? No it wasn’t the most amazing forklift operator on the west coast. (Shocker) I want to be a writer! Really I’m not sure why it took me so long to realize it. I have been writing since I was just a kid, in fact I found some of my old stories I wrote. Boy was that embarrassing! 

I’ve always said I’m an English kinda girl. The subject not the country that is. I love the words! But please keep the math away from me. Me and numbers just don’t get along. Once I graduated from high school, life got busy, as life always does. Get married and move across the country kind of busy. I spent the next four years being a Domestic Goddess and other than that I’ll admit I wasted a lot of time I could have been writing, working out more, or reading hundreds of books. Oh well, hindsight is 20/20. 

Eventually we moved back to our home town and wondered what was next. Well what was next ended up being getting out of our home town so we moved a modest distance away. My husband started going to school full time and I got myself that fancy forklift job. All the while I wondered if I was ever going to have some real goals and ambitions for myself.  Then I did! I realized that what I wanted the most was to become a writer. Not just any writer but a good and PUBLISHED writer. A goal that I am currently pursuing and hope to accomplish anytime between now and my death.