Hello, I haven’t updated my bio in four years, because I find I’m a far less compelling protagonist nowadays, but for the sake of authenticity I suppose it’s time. 

I’m Jamie Burns, I’m lucky enough to be a full time writer. I write primarily adult science fiction and fantasy or as I sometimes like to call it, space fantasy. I’ve spent the last four years working on learning the craft, and finding my personal writing style. I have three completed manuscripts, all in different stages of editing and two works in progress I’m currently drafting.

I am a hair’s breadth from entering the query trenches with my adult science fiction adventure novel “Displacement”. I’ll be spending my fall, winter and pretty much every season I have to in the trenches till I find the right agent to represent me. Meanwhile, I continue to work on my other projects, filling my trunk of novels as I learn and grow as a writer. 

At one time I thought I would start a Blog and post regularly but that was a younger more naive Jamie. The truth is I’m a deep work writer and I would rather pour my time into my novels. I admire those who can do both, write epic stuff and blog about it.  Maybe I’ll get there one day.